Screening – “Al Nakba: Started Before 1948, Did Not End in 1948″

A documentary screening of “Al Nakba: Started Before 1948, Did Not End in 1948″ this Friday July 6th, 7:30 pm, at Nasawiya Café.What did it take to create the Jewish state of Israel?

Watch real footage from the 18th century to today, and listen to the most prominent Arab, Palestinian and Israeli thinkers, historians, journalists and refugees as they recount how the state of Israel gradually came into being.

Al Nakba tells the story of the Palestinian Catastrophe, the role of the British Mandate and the ethnic cleansing operations climax between 1947-1949, till the on-going Nakba that is taking place today.

The documentary is 200 minutes short and will be fully screened on Friday:

– 1799-1947: The Threads of the Conspiracy & Crushing the Revolution
– 1947-2008: Ethnic Cleansing & The On-going Nakba

Researched and Directed by Rawan Al Damen and produced by AlJazeera. Language: English.

Friday at 730 PM at Nasawiya!
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A must-watch!