Screening of Machuca

Film nights are back!

We will be screening Machuca, this coming Wednesday at 6:30 PM at Nasawiya Cafe in Mar Mkhayel, first right after Pub Chaplin.

Description: Machuca is a 2004 Chilean film written and directed by Andrés Wood. Set in 1973 Santiago during Salvador Allende’s socialist government and shortly before General Augusto Pinochet’s military coup in 1973, the film tells the story of two friends, one of them the very poor Pedro Machuca who is integrated into the elite school of his friend Gonzalo Infante. The social integration project is headed by the director of the school, Father McEnroe.

The film is dedicated to Father Gerardo Whelan, C.S.C. who from 1969 to 1973 was the director of Colegio Saint George (Saint George’s College), the private English-language school in Santiago that the film’s director attended as a kid. Although Machuca performed pretty well in theaters in Chile, it did not have notable box-office success outside of Latin America.

Duration: 121 minutes

Subtitles: English

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